Ursula's Childminding Service

The Professional Approach

I provide childcare in a home setting and as a child minder I have in place a full list of polices and procedures of all which are available to you.

All my polices and procedures that I have in place to safe guard your

child at all times will be hand to you at the initial visit.

I require you to sign a confirmation sleep that you have read and understood all the polices. If you don't agree with policy we can discuss that further and try to come to some agreement.

Working in Partnership with Parents

As Parent you ere the most important adult in your child live. I intended to work closely with you in order to carry out your wishes for your child wherever I can.

To ensure a good communication system between us I like to use the contact book which I will use to record your child achievements during the day with me, food/drink consumptions, nap times or toileting. As a parent you more than welcome to write there your own comments and suggestions as well. I am always happy to discus your child and their care with you at any time that is convenient to us both wherever in person or over the phone.

Every six month I will arrange meeting with you to discuss your child developmental progress.