Ursula's Childminding Service

  As a child care provider I am obligate to work with EYFS framework which states that all children learn best through play in a safe ,caring and stimulating environment. I will plan children's play within the EYFS framework to support  areas of learning and development.

These are some examples of activities I am going to provide and which are linked to those areas:

                                               Communication and Language

- experiences and activities which engage the senses: music, dance, rhymes and songs

- opportunities to develop language, confidence and skills to express themselves,      speak and listen in different situations.

- opportunities to improve language through  socializing, interaction, repetition.

                                                                                                                                  Physical Development

Providing opportunities for children to be active and interactive

- climbing frame, slide, swing, ball games, action games, hopping, jumping, running, bikes, tricycles & cars

                                 Personal , social and emotional development

-experiences to form positive relationships and respect for others, positive sense of themselves: imaginative play, role play, cooking, shopping , sharing, taking turns, celebrate achievements & birthdays.


-develop reading and writing skills: books, stories, rhymes in story sessions.


-sorting, matching, counting and using numbers, calculating activities.

-describe shapes, spaces, and measures .

-using mathematical language

-identifying objects

-songs , games related to number sequences. 

                                    Knowledge and Understanding of the Word

- activities to explore through senses: taste, touch, hear, smell

-activities for investigation: mirrors, magnifying glass, wet sand

-activities to promote designing: use of tools such as scissors, glue, string, sticky tapes etc....to assemble, to shape, to join

-discovering our world, countries, food, people, animals, music

computer skills; ict in the environment, learn about the use of technology     

                                                       Expressive Art and Design

- exploring colours, shapes

-making things

- story telling

- making music

- being creative

- using different media and materials, such as crayons, paint, scissors.

- imaginative and role play activities.


These are other activities and facilities available to children within my setting:

  • books

  • dressing up

  • games and puzzles

  • 20 in 1 Multi game table

  • different blocks

  • play dough with accessories

  • painting/drawing variety of materials

  • messy play e.g. Gloob (cornflour and water mixed together)

  • cooking

  • nursery rhymes/sing along/dance/musical instruments

  • sandpit/water

  • playhouse

  • home corner with play kitchen and cooking set

  • free play with age appropriate toys

  • regular outings

  • planned and flexible learning

  • creative activities

  • reading homework area

  • watching TV (restricted,age appropriate)

I will provide aprons to protect children's cloths during messy activities but parents welcome to provide old clothing if they wish.

When planning the play I will take in to consideration the age and stage of development of each child.

I have enclosed garden with separate play area. I can provide sand/water play, playhouse,balls, slide, black/whiteboard and assorted chalks, outdoor games. According to the planning I will set up outside area with different equipment and toys.

Walks and outings are also part of our day with trips to the park, library and other local attractions.

Part of my daily routine is observing and assessing children to ensure that the child is progressing at an adequate rate and also helps me to recognize where the child may need extra support and encouragement.

Every child will have a folder with the records of developmental progress. These folder are available to you at any time. Informations in this folder will be confidential and keep away from other people sight . As a parent you will be asked to sign permission form to allow me to record this observations.